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Helen O'Grady

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy is the only organisation of its kind in the India and had its origins in Australia many years ago.

In 1979, Helen O'Grady, a trained teacher, drama teacher and actress, hired a hall in a Perth suburb and commenced after school drama classes for children. Her aims were to provide a self-development through drama programme for children, to encourage:

  • Enthusiasm, energy and a positive approach to life.
  • Ongoing confidence.
  • Self esteem.
  • Skill in verbal communication
  • Effective social interaction.

The Helen O'Grady Drama System for children became the basis for further expansion and since 1979, the remainder of Australia and New Zealand have been introduced to the Helen O'Grady Academies as well as Africa, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Zambia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, USA, South Africa and the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and the Gulf States.

The classes are organized from 1:15 PM through 2:15. Please contact the school for more details

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